“Dios entre Nosotros” and Bella establish alliance to benefit Hispanic families

“Dios entre Nosotros” (God with Us), a ministry that focuses on the integral development of Hispanic families, has been strengthened by its alliance with Bella Natural Women’s Care and Areté, a Catholic psychology center.

Jorge and Viviana Paredes, founders of “Dios entre Nosotros” (Spanish for “God among Us”) established the ministry and formed alliances with these institutions specializing in evangelization, education, psychology and health.

“When Jorge and Viviana shared with me their interest to provide the necessary resources to marriages, to those serving in the area of sex education, fertility, natural methods and especially for Latinas, I was glad to know that Bella could serve them,” said Dede Chism, nurse practioner and director of Bella.

She said the mission of Bella is to “recognize the dignity of women by promoting health and wellness through a natural and scientific approach with sincere compassion for life,” which she said is similar to God among Us, whose mission is the welfare of families and building strong and lasting marriages.

Viviana said it’s important to partner with specialists to better serve the family.

“An organization flourishes when all members unfold their talents with love and commitment to a common mission, it is also important to recognize that there are specific areas in family ministry that require a specialist’s knowledge to properly serve our community,” Viviana said. “That is why we see the importance of serving as instructors sometimes, but other times as facilitators working together with the institutions that support us.” Read More …

Couple says God brought them together, keeps them together

Jorge and Viviana Paredes attribute their happy marriage to the fact that God is between them. Both raised in South America, today the couple live in Denver, have five children ranging in age from 2 to 13, and are part of the Christian Life Movement. For the past seven years, they have led a Spanish-language marriage preparation program for the Denver Archdiocese called “Dios Entre Nosotros” (“God With Us”).

Jorge, 44, is the founder of JP Creative Group, an advertising agency dedicated to Catholic communications (jpcreativegroup.com). Viviana, 42, is a Spanish teacher at Bishop Machebeuf High school and editor of vivaenfamilia.com, a Spanish-language website offering resources for families. The couple’s love for the Church and their passion for evangelization have been with them since they were young.

In Lima, Peru, Jorge, as a member of the Christian Life Movement (clmusa.org), worked as a catechist at The Children’s Hospital and participated in missions to several parts of Peru with Catholic university students. Read More …

Archdiocese to create cross-cultural marriage programs

Two marriage experts recently joined the Denver archdiocesan team to help transform rocky relationships into God-centered domestic churches.

The newly-hired Carrie Keating, natural family planning (NFP), family life and marriage specialist, and Viviana Martinez, coordinator of Hispanic Family Ministry, joined forces to lead Denver Catholics to the truth of marriage.

“Without God, I don’t know how marriages stand a chance,” said Keating, who’s married with two children. “Our relationship with Christ and having the Holy Spirit active in our marriage can change it.”

Martinez, married with five children, said: “Our Hispanic community is faithful to the Church. However, we have to be sure that faith and religion is not taken for granted. We need to encounter Jesus.” Read more…

He’s Daddy, Pop, Dad, Old Man, Papa: ages and stages of fatherhood

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15. Below three men at different phases of parenthood—a new dad, a father of five and a grandfather of 10—share their perspective on the vocation of fatherhood, and what it means to them.

Love compounded
Before Jorge Paredes, 45, became a father he imagined what it might look like: changing diapers, taking his children to school or to Mass, doing homework together. With the birth of each of his five children—now ages 14, 12, 8, 5 and 3—with his wife, Viviana, another picture became clear.

“Fatherhood has definitely changed the way I appreciate life … but most importantly, my capability to grow and love,” Paredes said. “With each new child I feel that it is not possible to divide my heart in more pieces to share my love, but instead I feel that my heart expands and is capable to love more and more.”

To be a father, he said, means to love and shape children in a way that they can become the men and women the Lord wants them to be. Read more…