“It is very impressive how you learn new things every day of married life”
– Gavina and Artemio

“We liked everything! Communication, share as a couple, very professional, information and presentation are very adequate”
– Cinthia and Braulio

“They taught us things did not know, recommend it to all who are getting married come because many things are learned”
– Connie and Eduardo

“We loved it so much we were able to understand many things and made us believe more in our Christian faith Thank you for your time and for teaching us to prepare our marriage God bless you…” – Monica and Noah “Very good talks, they are people too .. professional, I really liked it there should be more people who have enthusiasm was very nice to share with my future husband and to learn about marriage Thanks ”
– Stephen and Angelica

“I learn a lot about the meaning of marriage I would invite more people to Attend!
– Mary & Adolfo

“Well first I want you to thank you for this class was very interesting for us Although we 18 years of living together helped us and we will help for the future.”
– Israel and Alma

“We liked all day because it was a very nice experience and will help us in our marriage I wish other couples can experience these moments so beautiful and thank you for teaching us all these things I pray that there are still people like you ”
– Vincent and Mary

“Jorge and Viviana, thank you very much for these talks, seemed very important for the reason that we have learned so simple even knowing them things you do not realize the meaning in them. I found them very professional couple. May God bless and go ahead! ”
– Flowers Family

“Dear Viviana and Jorge, everything was very interesting I learned many things that even I had never before made me think The day of this day made me excellent, thank you very much and wish them all. best ”
– David Fuentes

“The truth we live a beautiful experience and examples that put us Jorge are very interesting for our lives We loved this class Like his wife Viviana jousted us your subject, the examples they gave hope.. have communication Thanks, great job.”
– Henry and Angelica

“Viviana and Jorge, thanks for your time and information shared Everything was of great value to our marriage preparation God bless”
– Liliana and John

“Viviana, found it excellent and I think I’m going to implement several things that had stopped on the way. Jorge, all subjects were very interesting and very beautiful. Thank you for your help, God continue to give them life and health . Thanks! ”
– Manuel and Anahi

“Viviana and Jorge, the experience we had with you two going to help us in our marriage We appreciate good humor and was interesting we learned a lot, thanks.
– Gisela and Victor

“Congratulations, thank you and keep doing this, are very good. Thank you for this moment, we spent very comfortable and learned a lot!”
– Jesus and Magda

“Viviana and Jorge, are happy the way they offer their talks, the truth we learned too it day and have faith in God that this discussion will take her with us every day of our lives and God bless illuminate to continue teaching in the same way they do so far We also will take them in our prayers.”
– Anonymous

“Viviana and Jorge, thank you for your time for helping to make our marriage to be happy for life” – Anahi and Gilberto “I am grateful for everything that I learned today, I already have 21 years of living with my partner but with this talk I convinced myself sincerely follow him until God lend us life I can only thank you for your time and teaching. ”
– Maria Gonzalez

“It was a very nice experience to have come and listen to you We learned things I had never heard, now my marriage will be more beautiful thanks to these teachings”
– Juana and Erain Monreal

“Very nice and interesting talks, we were pleased to participate, we had never come to some talks but did not regret having come and participate”
– Wendy and Cesar

“I wish we had more marital talks because it takes more coexistence between ourselves Thank was nice retirement.”
– Jorge and Maria Saenz – 22 years of marriage

“I really liked the lectures we received, I found new ways to communicate with my partner. They are very good at what they do and they communicate very well Thank you and God bless”
– Family Recendez

“This class was very interesting, I learned a lot and hope to use the material to help our marriage and in the future”
– Anonymous