Viviana & Jorge Paredes

Viviana and Jorge Paredes are the founders of the apostolic initiative “Dios Entre Nosotros” (God with Us). Their passion for serving Hispanic young adults and families in The United States began in Miami, Florida and continued in Denver, Colorado, where they currently reside. Viviana and Jorge Paredes have 5 children. As parents, their great mission is to provide their children the necessary tools to have a personal encounter with Jesus and help them discover the wonderful plan that God has for them.

Jorge and Viviana developed their interest for ministry and evangelization since they were very young. In Lima (Peru) Jorge participated in missions in different places of Peru and supported in the area of communications of the Christian Life Movement (CLM) while finishing his studies of design and advertising. In Santiago, Chile, Viviana was the Coordinator of Campus Ministry at the Catholic University of Chile while studying for teacher degree.

After emigrating to the United States, Jorge graduated from YAMI (Young Adult Ministry Institute) a program held at St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida, he participated in the young adult’s committee with the Archdiocese of Miami and was one of the founders of the CLM in Florida. Together with his wife Viviana they led groups of young adults (Marian Groups) and later they focused on family ministry through the Nazareth Families groups.

Viviana is a graduate of the Master’s Program in Bilingual Education at Regis University, served as Coordinator of Hispanic Family Ministry with the Archdiocese of Denver and is currently the Executive Director of “Dios Entre Nosotros.”

Jorge is an Art Director at JP Creative Group, and serves as Director of Communications for “Dios Entre Nosotros.” In order to serve the poor and help strengthen the relationship between parents with their children, Jorge created the initiative “Father Son Mission” a ministry where Father and Sons are part of a mission trip to support poor families in Peru.

Through “Dios Entre Nosotros” Jorge and Viviana offer various initiatives in the field of marriage and family serving Hispanics throughout the United States.